Soft Seating Is A Hard Yes At The Office

Soft Seating office furniture

What is Soft Seating?

Upholstered furniture or cushioned seating is part of a larger category of office furniture called soft seating. Soft seating includes sofas, lounge chairs, modular seating and work spaces, and armchairs. It can be used in a wide range of workspaces, including reception, breakout areas, public spaces, and collaboration stations. Office soft seating creates a friendly and comfortable environment to help workers feel a little more at home.

Soft Seating Drives Movement

Soft seating enables workers to move beyond the desk. Sitting for extended periods of time in one position can negatively affect mobility and strength and it’s not good for posture or productivity. That’s why it’s important to create breakout areas or spaces where employees can relax. This encourages them to take a break from their screens without physically leaving the office. Workplace satisfaction leads to improved productivity and a healthier workforce.

Soft Seating Is Relaxing

Creating communal areas with a variety of soft seating configurations supports individual privacy and focus, ad-hoc meetings, and spaces to welcome visitors.

Sofas and armchairs are essential soft seating for any workplace.  Sofas help make employees feel at home, whereas armchairs are great to create social corners, which can be great for concentration and social interaction.

Soft seating incorporates various styles and designs, from self-contained office pods, to meeting room and lounge chairs. Employees can move freely from space to space and collaborate with team members easily.

There is freedom that comes with having flexible soft seating integrated into your workplace furniture. It inspires staff to be creative and productive and keeps them engaged in their everyday activities. A breakout area can be ideal space to meet up with visitors, too.

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