Sustainability, Technology, and Flexibility

1. Oh, this? It’s locally-sourced.

Sustainability has become a focus for businesses so when it comes to building offices or refurbishing them, how they get their materials is super important. Whether they’re sourced close by (therefore reducing the carbon footprint created when transporting the materials), or they’re recycled materials that have been repurposed, sustainable office design is the interior trend to know about for 2023. Nobody wants a new office that comes with a massive carbon footprint price tag.

2. Siri, when’s my next meeting?

Out with the old and in with the new tech, software, and apps. With self-driving cars and virtual assistant tech like Alexa, it’s only right that office technology gets an upgrade too. From video collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams now a staple for home, hybrid, and office-based workers, to mobile app-controlled coffee machines being the coolest new office toy, the future of office technology looks bright and promising.

3. Options are everything.

Open space design offer versatility and productivity. Through zoom booths, phone booths, open plan desks, neurodiverse spaces, comfy sofa workspaces, etc, why limit your employees to only their desks? Desks are now not the only place that people want to or should work at, so variety is your friend! Especially as they create more opportunities for collaboration and communication between different employees.

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