Top Trends in Hospitality Furniture and Design

Hospitality Furniture has an immeasurable impact on the look and feel of an interior of a building with communal spaces. While functionality is critical, an appealing aesthetic is also crucial. Whether furnishing an intimate lounge or a light and open atrium, the hospitality furniture that designers choose can mean the difference between a one time visit, or repeat, loyal customers.

Here are the top three trends in hospitality furniture and design.

1. Mix and match
Creating contrast isn’t new in design, but as more colors, patterns, and finishes become available, the scope of options has changed. Marble stone combined with metal accents and plush furniture is an elegant take on material-mixing. Going for a more organic aesthetic? Integrate wood.

2. Concrete is Here To Stay
Mid-century sensibilities are firing the imagination of furniture designers. Polished concrete evokes a minimalist aesthetic and is growing in popularity for islands, countertops, and tables.

3. Wood is Good.
The timeless look and feel of bare wood remains popular with the ongoing popularity of Mid Center Modern design combined with Scandinavian style. 

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