SEAATS Shows you how to weather-proof patio furniture for year-round use

weather-proof patio furniture

With the end of summer comes the need to weather-proof patio furniture and move the festivities to the indoors. SEAATS wants to give you some tips on how to keep the good times flowing all year round, even in the winter months!

Our vendors Blu Dot and Cabana Coast specialize in creating weather-proof patio furniture pieces that can weather through any storm. Keep an eye out for items with Sunbrella fabric which has proven to be one of the most weather proof textiles on the market! Swap out your summer cushions with more water resistant items, saving you $$ when it comes to replacing next year.

For extra spunk, look for trending palettes like light neutrals, woods, and place a pop of forest green into the mix to generate a chic, 2021approved space!

weather-proof patio furniture 2
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