About Us

Who We Are

SEAATS is a full-service commercial furnishings company that helps clients turn their vision into a reality. Through SEAATS, you receive a personalized and resourceful approach to selecting furniture. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to choose the right solution for your project with a wide range of products and styles from over 130 manufacturers.

Our Approach

Selecting the right office furniture requires just the right balance of design, space planning and project management expertise. The design consultants at SEAATS have specialized experience in a variety of office interior project situations. We combine that knowledge with the architectural and space planning expertise of our parent company, Earles Architects and Associates, to create a customized solution for each office environment.

We look first at client objectives and then tailor furniture selections to meet design, style, pricing, and timeline specifications. We work with clients in a variety of industries and with varying design goals and space planning considerations.

We strive to make each project a unique environment that blends the client’s business focus and company culture with the latest in design and space planning and the right furniture selections.


Selecting the right furniture requires design, space planning and project management expertise. Our competitive pricing options are designed to meet your budget. We offer highly responsive service with one central point of contact. SEAATS is involved throughout each step of every project with our proven process to exceed your goals and create a successful environment. We stay connected to maintain a lasting relationship beyond your project’s lifecycle.

Understanding the Brokerage Community

We understand the needs of the commercial real estate brokerage community, where quick turnaround and efficient pricing are paramount. We work with real estate brokers from throughout the Chicago and Northwest Indiana marketplace and pride ourselves on delivering high quality furnishing options that exceed client expectations.